Why Choose Don’s Heating and Cooling???

  • We are a small HVAC business that have been serving the Orangeville, Alliston and surrounding communities for the past 30 plus years.
  • We don’t use answering machines or outside services to answer incoming calls.  We want our employees to be the first contact our customers have with us.
  • We support our Local communities – From purchasing and maintaining our fleet of vehicles with local dealers to buying groceries and supplies from local supplies and retailers. PLUS, we sponsor our local children’s sports activities.
  • We help sponsor local charities such as Family Transition, My Sisters Place, Local S.P.C.A., Royal Canadian Legion. We also help every legitimate local charity organization with donations for their events.
  • Our team members are your local neighbors in your community.
  • We offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee on our installations.
  • We do not use subcontractors. We feel that our customers deserve the best, which means our employees are extensively trained to comply with local and government standards and do the job our way.
  • We continuously offer all our employees training and run service and installation best practices training meetings on a Bi-weekly basis.
  • Our installers are trained and instructed with positive reinforcement on the Correct Installation methods that are required from T.S.S.A. and E.S.A., most importantly Don Himself.
  • Our service technicians are trained on an ongoing basis to expand their knowledge and to be able to provide service to our customers with the respect they deserve.
  • All our technicians are Licensed or Apprentices in the trade that they represent and are encouraged to improve their knowledge on all the other areas we cover.
  • Our employees who operate our customer service department are encouraged to learn not only the industries best standards for Customer Relations, they are also encouraged and regularly attend our installation and service courses.
  • The products we offer are among the best in the industry. Such names as Carrier, Marquis, Napoleon, NTI(Boilers), Bosch, Navien, Beam, Canavac, Weber, Traeger, Kamado Joe. Just to mention a few.
  • We offer Weekend Service and have a 24-hour phone line to attend to your emergency situations. (Calls will be fielded and if deemed not life or property threatening, will be dealt with the next day.)

In summary we live and work in Your Community and do our best to respect and help each and every individual we interact with. We would be honored to be your choice of business and will do as much in our power as possible to make your experience with Don’s Heating and Cooling the best at all times.

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Know Who’s Who Before You Hire A Contractor for Your Fuel-burning Appliances

Uncertified gas technicians and unregistered contractors, aka ‘trunk slammers’, are not certified by or registered with TSSA. Therefore, their work on furnaces and other fuel-burning equipment is not subject to TSSA audits for compliance with safety requirements; their knowledge, competency and qualifications cannot be validated; and they do not receive updates on safety information and training. Furthermore, there is no assurance they will comply with safety regulations, since they have already disregarded the law by working without being certified or registered. They are known for performing less expensive labour with cheaper materials, hence putting the Ontario public at risk of harm through poor workmanship.

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