Why is my furnace blowing cold air?

Jan. 27, 2020 Winter can be a real gut-check with its cold, blustery wind, rush-hour snow storms and some downright frigid nights. It can also be a great time to hunker down on the couch, grab a blanket and enjoy the warm, soothing comfort coming from your heat registers. But what happens if you settle […]

Holiday Safety

Stay safe this holiday season with these tips Dec. 9, 2019 As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” And yes, the year-end holiday season offers many opportunities to celebrate, gather with family and friends and get out of your usual routines. Carrier wishes you all the best for a happy […]

Furnace Breakdown Prevention Tips

A properly operationg heating system is essential to keep your home comfortable and warm.  It’s important to do some preventative maintenance throughout the heating season to help prevent a furnace breakdown.  This includes filter changes and scheduling a furnace inspection. Furnace filters help keep your homes heating systems inner mechanics free of dust and your […]

Furnace Maintenance

It’s getting to that time of year that we need to start up that furnace because the nights are starting to get cold.  There is nothing worse then finding out that there is a problem with your furnace and you put you and your family in an emergency situation with no heat.  This is one […]

5 Furnace Tips for New Homeowners

Five Furnace Tips for New Homeowners 1. Know the Details Not all HVAC systems are the same as there are many types of equipment that heat and cool homes. For example, an HVAC system may have an air conditioner and gas furnace, or a heat pump and an electric furnace. If a home uses a […]

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